Should I Exercise When I am Sick ?

Have you ever wondered if you should workout when you are not feeling well? Well, that.s what happened to me this week. Early in the week, I felt terrible. Stuffy nose, headache, know the drill. I probably felt worse that I couldn.t get my good quality workout in than the sneezing and coughing. I just didn.t have the energy to work out though. I got in a few, but not the five that I had planned on. Make a few minor adjustments to your exercise program. It sounds as though you are a little run down. Realize that when you have a cold, your body is not running at 100%. We must keep that in mind in regards to your workouts. I am not one to immediately say discontinue working out if you have a cold. It all depends on the severity of the sickness. If you have the flu, run a temperature, or have more than just a cold. It may be a very good idea to take a few days until you feel better. It sounds as though you have the common cold. In this case we need to lower the intensity of your workouts. What I would like you to do for the next week is drop the intensity by about 25% across the board. Decrease the exertion level on your aerobic training, but continue with the set amount of time and number of cardio workouts for the week. The same guideline (25% rule) for your other exercises, drop the number of repetitions on each exercise to a very manageable number. Allow more rest in between each exercise, and understand it is okay to operate at a little lower of level when you are a little under the weather. Hopefully by weeks end you will be feeling better and we can ratchet your workouts back up next week..